The End of the Beginning

I take one fortifying inhale, then release it seconds after with a daring exhale. I’m finally ready to begin this journey anew.

I have been here before, in many different shapes. You’ve seen me, once, twice, maybe thrice. I’m inconsistent and untamed, but now I have a vision for my thoughts and this little blog. This is the form of which I will remain; I shall neither change name or face, and God forbid that I leave this dear nook as I have so scornfully discarded the rest. And though time may alter my unruly thoughts, let me promise now that I will remain ever true to Thriving Hope. Because, is it not the Lord who inspires me to write? For whom do I write, if not my Redeemer and Friend? In Hope I find my purpose and inspiration.

Care to join me as I trek this path, rarely traveled, encumbered with surprises and mysteries?



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