Samara’s Peril-Review & Exerpt

Although I’ve been gone for nearly 5,685 years, I refuse to waste precious moments of your day talking of the drama I’ve endured during my time away.


Today, I am absolutely overjoyed to announce the release of  Jaye L. Knight’s newest novel, Samara’s Peril! It’s the third addition to the Ilyon Chronicles, and I read this beauty in three days… I’ve probably reread it at least twice since then. 😉

Before I tell you how I liked LOVED this book, I’ll introduce you two first(and don’t forget to go check out the other blogs on this tour!)

About the Book


When news arrives that Emperor Daican has been in contact with his chief war strategist, it signals potential doom for the country of Samara. Determined to intervene, the resistance in Landale, headed by Lady Anne, embark on a covert mission in hopes of unearthing further information. However, a shocking discovery leads to complications no one could have foreseen.

Armed with their newfound knowledge, they set out for Samara to warn the king. War is inevitable, and they must face two desperate battles—one on the walls of Samara’s great stronghold, and the other on the battlefield of Jace’s heart, where victory might only be achievable through great sacrifice.

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Haven’t discovered the wonderful world of Ilyon yet? Find out more on the official Ilyon Chronicles website!

About the Author


Jaye L. Knight is an award-winning author, homeschool graduate, and shameless tea addict with a passion for Christian fantasy. Armed with an active imagination and love for adventure, Jaye weaves stories of truth, faith, and courage with the message that even in the deepest darkness, God’s love shines as a light to offer hope. She has been penning stories since the age of eight and resides in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

Connect with Jaye on her website, blog, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Etsy.



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“Mulling this over, Kyrin and Anne changed into their nightgowns and finished preparing for bed. Sometime earlier, servants had brought extra bedding to the room. Kyrin picked up a blanket from the pile to construct a bed on the floor, but Anne stopped her.

“Never mind that. This bed could hold three of us.”

Kyrin smiled as Anne pulled down the covers, and they both crawled into bed. For a moment, her mind wandered back to Landale. Meredith would be asleep by now. She and Kyrin always shared a bed. Maybe she would sleep with Lenae tonight instead.

“This reminds me of when my cousins used to visit years ago,” Anne said as they settled in. “We’d stay up until all hours talking and giggling. Mother even had to come in and shush us a few times.”

Kyrin grinned, and Anne continued, “They would tease me just terribly about Trask, or worse, talk about catching his eye themselves.”

They shared a laugh now, and Anne propped herself up on her elbow. “What about you? Anyone interested back at camp?”

Kyrin shrugged against her pillow. “Well, Jeremy still likes to hang around as much as he can, but I think he understands that I’m not interested. And now he has Kaden, Marcus, and Liam to contend with.”

“Poor boy,” Anne mused with a laugh. “So that’s it? No one else?”

“Not that I’m aware of.”

Anne just stared at her for a moment, as if trying to draw something more from her. “Anyone you wish was interested?”

Jace’s face jumped immediately to Kyrin’s mind and a strange feeling of longing fluttered through her chest. She breathed out slowly, and pushed it away. It was a silly thought. Jace didn’t think that way, and she shouldn’t either. Finally, she looked at Anne. “No one who ever would be.””


After reading Resistance and The King’s Scrolls, I was so elated to find out about Samara’s Peril book release this year.

From the very beginning of the whole series, I’ve fallen in love with Jace. And Kyrin. And Rayad. And Trask. (I even named my little Swiss Army knife after Mick, from Resistance) Shoot, I love them all! The characters are constructed so awesomely, with so much to relate to and so much to look up to, it’s so hard to not wholly *ADORE* each and every lovable character… No, not you, Daican. Or you, General. *rolls eyes*

Now, the plot. Oh my word. After finishing the last page on that fateful night, I literally sat on my bed: mind blown. The twists, the development, and emotions were immaculate. There were times when I just sat smiling at the page (I probably looked crazy), there were times I wanted to stab people and scream at them(maybe that came out with a somewhat short temper with my siblings… oh boy), and then there were the times I just sat there crying. I cried, and cried, and cried. And then I would sit quietly, pondering what I had just taken in.

And then I’d cried some more.

Let me tell you what, buddyship. There has not been one author that has gotten me to thoroughly bawl into my teddy bear, while making slobbery sounds. And then Jaye happened. And Jace came into my life. And Kyrin became my twin.

Miracles are real, y’all.

And, goodness, I loved how Jaye brought so much more of the Bible into the plot. I loved how the story built up to a climax in someone’s *cough cough* life. There were so many emotions and so many tears that clouded my reading skills in those parts, I had to reread them all. Just to cry about them all over again. 🙂

In short, there were a lot of amazing things going on in this single book, so many ups and downs, zigs and zags, and YES’s! and NO’s!, and AWWWW’s! and ARGHHH’s!

The book was INCREDIBLE with a whole lot of AWESOME. Jaye brings to life what is dull, she enhances what is already beautiful. God’s love is something that is bit harder to describe, but Jaye does an amazing job at it in this book. 🙂

If you want to have your world shaken by the powerful message of God’s love, friendship, and sacrifice, with a slight bit of romance… than read Samara’s Peril. You will totally not be disappointed! However, when you pick this book up, bring a bath-towel. Tissues are definitely not enough for all the drama you’ll go through while reading. 😉

7 thoughts on “Samara’s Peril-Review & Exerpt

  1. I LOVED your review!!! Sadly, I didn’t cry when reading this book, but so many times I came close. It’s just hard for me to cry about anything. This book is now my favorite, I think (they are all amazing), of the ones published. I love it so much! I need the paperback!

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  2. Thank you so much, Gabriela! I’m fussier with books than I am with movies, which is kind of weird. I love it when books make me cry. 😛


  3. Nice review Jazzy! I recently found these through Amanda and I LOVED them from the very start! They are absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to reread them! My sister and I are actually planning to review them on our podcast. Can’t wait!
    Awesome review! These are literally some of the best books by an indie author I have EVER READ!!!!!!!! 😀

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