No Difference.


Hot topic coming at y’all today.

Without scrolling through my feed 2 seconds, I saw that a few fellow bloggers had written about one subject: homosexuals. Can a homosexual be a Christian? Will we see them in Heaven? Is it right or wrong?

This isn’t going to be one of those posts. I’m not going to shove in your face Scripture that tells you whether or not homosexuals can be Christians. I’m not going to tell you that marriage was only meant for one man and one woman. I’m not even going to tell you, you need to love them with agape love. While those are all true, that’s not what I’m talking about today.

As a Christian to a fellow believer, I want to challenge you.

Have you noticed that people, including Christians, view homosexuals… differently? Of course you have. You’ve seen how we either place them on a pedestal, or we place them lower than the scum of the earth; the point is, they are always taking the spotlight, whether good or bad. Why do you think it’s such a hot topic? Such a problem? Are they any worse than every other sinner?

How have we come to a point where homosexuals have their own subdivision in Hell, a special place a few thousand degrees hotter than the rest of the Lake of Fire? Since when did one sin become any worse than the other?

Homosexuals are sinners committing sin. But then again, are we not sinners… struggling against the same sin?

Lying, stealing, coveting, dishonoring parents…

The. Same. Sins.

And yet, homosexuals are special. They fight a different kind of sin. Not like us. They are people under the command of sin.

Hold up. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

14. For we know that the law is spiritual: but I am carnal, sold under sin.

18. For I know that in me (that is, in the flesh,) dwelleth no good thing: for to will is present with me; but how to perform that which is good I find not.

-Romans 7: 14, 18

Here then, you see that we all still struggle with the flesh. No matter where we are in our walk with the Lord, we will always have to say yes to Christ and no to sin, because it is a fight that will last until we reach our heavenly Home.

We are just as much of sinners as homosexuals and transgenders. Whether you want to hear it or not, we are under the same temptations and weaknesses as every living person undergoes. Sure, we may be cleansed by Christ’s blood… but we are still fallen creatures, the only difference is that we’ve been washed and we are striving to live for the Lord- or should be.

What am I trying to say? There’s no difference with the homosexual and the kid next door who, in his heart, dishonored his parents. Absolutely no difference.

So, what does that mean for us? Isn’t there a particular way to minister and love homosexuals? Actually, there’s not. We can agape these people the same exact way we agape our neighbor. Jesus didn’t have a specific way for loving on certain sinners. He didn’t carry around a mental binder with “tips and tricks on how to bring an adulterous woman to salvation and more!”

He just loved with God’s perfect agape love. Everyone was the same to Him: lost and needy. There’s no way around it.

How can you and I view homosexuals as any worse than ourselves? We’re not God. We can’t say that. All we can do is love… our neighbor, the homosexual, the cashier lady at Walmart. Because to God, they’re all the same. They’re all in need of His love.


5 Replies to “No Difference.”

  1. Amen to that Jazzy, you nailed it to the point. And that’s right, sin is sin; one sin isn’t greater than the other. For we as Christins, have fallen short to the glory of God. But God loves us anyways. Judging homosexual just proves how much of a sinner we are too. That’s right again: we just need to share the love that Christ has bestowed upon us; his love is for us to share to those who needs Him the most. For he sent His only begotten Son to die on the cross for all men kind, including women, meaning, every living soul…EVERY SINNERS. For he is our one, and only, and everlasting love. For those who believes in him shall not perish, but have an everlasting life with the almighty God.

    Thanks for sharing that Jazzy😊, it’s always a great reminder for us all to remember that God is and will always be by our side. Even times that may not seem so. And to those who maybe lost and needs the Lord the most; and praying that they may find the path of righteousness, and everlasting life.

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  2. Hey Jazzy,
    You said “There’s no difference with the homosexual and the kid next door who, in his heart, dishonored his parents. Absolutely no difference.”
    I get what you’re saying, and I agree with the overall challenge of your post. However, I’d like to push back against that statement a little bit. There is a difference between embracing sin and struggling with it.
    First, by ‘homosexual’ I’m going to assume you’re talking about someone who is embracing same-sex attraction and choosing to identify themselves with and pursue their sexuality in this regard. Be careful about throwing this term around and make sure to define it clearly :).
    Secondly, assuming that you’re talking about someone in this scenario, there is a definite difference between this person and a kid who has disobeyed his parents. The first is one embracing his or her sin and identifying with it, and the other is struggling with his sin. Could the kid be identifying with and embracing rebellion and disobedience? Sure, and in that case they would be much more similar.
    But there is a huge difference between living in sin and struggling with sin. Get my point?

    Thanks for the post! It was thought provoking ;). You’re a great writer.
    Keep up the good work.

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  3. Hey, Kyle, thanks so much for stopping by! I totally get what you’re trying to say, I probably should’ve made it all much clearer. But, yes, I was referring to the child that has intentionally rebelled against his parents and the homosexual that has embraced that lifestyle of same-sex attractions. Amen, I agree with you that there is a difference with choosing to live in sin and struggling with it. Thanks so much, I really appreciate your thoughts in response to my post! 🙂


  4. Wow Jazzy, this was really good! That is something I have been learning lately, that even though we may totally disagree with what a person thinks\believes\does, they are still human, created in the image of God, and they deserve to be treated with respect. (and when I say respect, I mean something more along the lines of “due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others”, not “a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something”. 🙂 ) Thanks for writing and God bless you Jazzy!

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