Tuesday Tag// Wisteria Writer’s Challenge


Good morning everyone, I hope y’all are having a fantabulous start to your day.

I’ve been pressing the follow button on other blogs a lot lately. I love “meeting” new people– or, in my case, finding new bloggers that share similar interests. Last week I came across Abi’s blog, @HappilyAbi, and started exploring her corner of the internet. As I was scrolling through her previous posts, I stumbled upon a challenge… THE WISTERIA WRITER’S CHALLENGE.

Now here we are (*sings* so close, yet so far– sorrrrrry. Not an appropriate time to sing that song, I know… moving on) today, doing this challenge, and all thanks to Abi for leaving this tag open for everyone and anyone who considers him or herself a human (no, trolls cannot participate…).

So without further ado, let the games BEGIN!!!  


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you- Abi @ happilyabi (thank you, thank you, thank you!)

  2. Answer the ten questions given

  3. Add to questions you thought of

  4. They have to be book or novel related

  5. Nominate up to ten people


Where is your favorite place to write?

Mmm, I’d say it was my desk, but then my bed looks longingly at me. So, in honor of my beloved, I must say my bed is my favorite spot to write. If not my bed, than it’d be my desk… but shh. I can’t be showing any favoritism!

Do you write in a notebook or on a computer?

Well, if I’m planning, just jotting something down, or making lists, I LOVE WRITING IN A NOTEBOOK. But that’s not always the case. My computer provides a clean slate: no erasing, no smudge marks, no fear of sloppy handwriting, because… Times New Roman is perfect, y’know?

How do you organize your story ideas?

I write them down until they look all unorganized again, then I make an attempt on a new piece of paper just writing down the most important information and ideas.

Which authors have you met?

…*blank stare*…


*feels unfulfilled and lonely*

But I do hope to meet some, if not all(except the dead ones… please don’t revive. That’s gross), sometime in my life, Lord willing. That’d be AWESOME.

What is one thing that is important to remember as you write?

While you’re writing, just free-writing, don’t worry about your hand writing. I know, I know. THIS. IS. HARD. But it must be done. We must move on, focus on our characters’ needs, and get past out perfectionism. #thestruggleisreal

How has your writing style changed since you’ve started writing?

I’ve learned how not to overdo descriptions, how to be less wordy. I know, from reading my old stories, I’ve definitely matured in my writing concerning sentence structures, and even just word usage. I was that girl that would find a word, jump into the thesaurus, look through the lists of synonyms, find a big word that looked fancy, and then throw it into the story: BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER. I cringe every time I read through my old notebooks.

What are some of your favorite writing blogs?

I actually don’t know many, but I’ll share the few I can think of right now:

Invisible World – Megan

WriteFury – WriteFury

Writing Anyone – Alyssa

Write for the King – Gabrielle

The Word of the Writer – Bri / C.B. Cook

Which point of view do you typically write in?

Third person is totally my go-to, however first person has been looking appealing lately. It’s just not as easy for me. 🙂

How do you come up with ideas for stories?

Umm, I read , listen to music, and just brainstorm? I guess those are all cliche answers. But honestly, that’s all I’ve got. Sometimes I imagine myself in a movie scene(mostly a crying scene, for some reason), and that helps generate stories.

How do you come up with names for your characters?

I imagine their faces, and BOOM.

I know what to name them.

Okay, not all the time. Most of the time, I just go on Pinterest and look up baby names or futuristic names and browse through all the neat lists. I’ve made up several names, but that just comes from knowing my character and imagination I guess. 🙂

the questions.jpg

And there ya go. I had lots of fun wrting this! Thanks again Abi!

(Actually, it’s kind of embarrassing. Without realizing what I was doing, I copied all the questions that Abi answered, instead of the questions she asked, the ones I’m supposed to answer. And after writing up these hilarious answers, I realized I wasn’t supposed to be answering those questions. *face palm* I need sleep. Now.)

Okay, anyways! I’m supposed to make more book/writing related questions, but since my brain is fried right now, I’m just gonna let y’all answer these same questions!

Oh, and who am I tagging for the challenge?


And since I’m nice, I’ll allow trolls to be able to participate. 😉

HAVE FUN! God bless ya!

Jazzy xoxo

Let’s chat! What are some other writing blogs that you know of? Will you be doing this challenge? Thanks for reading. 🙂


Who wants to see my answers to the other questions? Seriously, guys. They are hilarious. x)


12 Replies to “Tuesday Tag// Wisteria Writer’s Challenge”

  1. What are some of your favourite writing blogs?
    You: Any blog with a W in it’s name!

    I really liked this! I can totally relate to looking up baby names, they are so useful! I have only made up one name but I may need to do more of that in the future! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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