Another Writer- erm, tag?

untitled-1Hello world!

I just couldn’t resist. These are the Q’s and A’s from the tag I wasn’t supposed to do from this post. I know, I know.


To be honest, I don’t think the blog police will be mad if I post this, even if I wasn’t tagged for these particular questions, do you?

Okay, then. We are at an agreement. Enjoy!!! 

Who is your favorite author? Why?

The Lord Jesus, because He wrote the most beautiful Book of all.

Now, in a more earthly sense… WHY WOULD THIS EVEN BE A QUESTION?!?! How can one such as myself have this, this, favorite author? (Emphasis on the singularity) Really? Society has rules. This is just wrong. I’m going to have a fit– a heart attack. I just can’t believe this ordeal has even taken place.

*stalks away*

*comes back*

Fine. Fine, fine, fine.  I’ll list one author. BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN I HAVE A FAVORITE. She is one of my many, many, MANNNY favorites.

Jaye L. Knight is an amazing author who wrote the most amazing, most superb, most… outta words right now, bear with me, please… AMAZING(wait… never mind) book series. IN HISTORY. Not even joking.

Well, Sharon Hinck, Judith Pella, and Nadine Brandes, ect. as an exception. They all rock my world. But especially Jesus, though. I hope He will always and forever have first place in my heart. 🙂

Do you listen to music while you write?

Mmm, it depends. While I’m actually writing, like, words and stuff, probably not. While researching/brainstorming/planning/outlining yes, for the most part. Depends on how well my thinking cap is working. Sometimes I can listen to lyrical music and focus just fine on writing some stuff, but other times I end up just writing snippets of the lyrics I’m hearing, which doesn’t really make sense with what I’m writing, so…

If so, what’s your favorite?

My favorite genre? Or artist? Whelp. I’ll just answer genre-wise. But, this too depends on what I am doing. I think, while I’m writing a modern story with a first person POV, I like to listen to lyrical pop, or pop piano arrangements for a lighter feel.

If I’m writing third person, and a more fantasy/medieval feel, than I’ll either listen to opera or ballet classical(which mainly consists of orchestral arrangements and classical fun stuff). Sometimes I’ll just listen to soundtrack by Hans Zimmer, John Williams, and Steve Jablonsky,however that is mainly for when I’m brainstorming and planning. I always imagine myself in a movie, and that’s where I get my inspiration to write a scene, or write a story.

There have been WAY too may times I’ve broken down crying… by myself… in the room… because my make-believe character passed away. Don’t worry though. It’s always a very noble death. 😉

Why do you like to write?

I get to be in COMPLETE CONTROL. 

The world inside my head can be so vivid at times, that the voices in there are literally speaking verbally to me to write down what they’re saying, how they’re feeling, and how they die.

YES. Confession time! I am one of the authors that create an amazing character, falls in love, then kills them off. Just. Because. WE. HAVE. THE. POWER.

A second reason is because the Lord has inspired me to use my love for words to create stories that reflect His word, hopefully, and to take His truth and shape it into something that I can understand in a more personal level. You know how you don’t really know something until you teach it? That’s how I see it. When I write on a certain topic from the Bible, I have to study as much about that whatever until it is completely  grounded into my mind. Which can be impossible at times, but as good of a hold as I can get on it at least.

Who’s your favorite characters out of your stories? Why?


That’s a terrible question! We are talking about my children. How dare you ask me to show favoritism. Don’t you know that’s unhealthy in relationships?

I have so many characters, and all of them have different stories, different reasons for me to love them and relate with their feelings. I love them all EQUALLY. I’m sorry if this answer doesn’t meet the needs of this question, but honestly. I just can’t say that I like Jeraad more than Hugo, just because I’ve known him longer. And Clancy over Eirwyn, just because Clancy has cute freckles and resembles a friend of mine. That ain’t gonna happen.

Do you plan on publishing or do you write for fun?

I would like to get published when I write a novel(which I am planning right now!), but we’ll see. Right now, I’m just writing for fun and when I have time to. 😛 Also, I am wanting to write a separate book with my best friend. We’re in the planning stage with that too, and we really don’t know where we’re going with it… maybe in a few years we’ll have something to publish. Who knows!

What’s your favorite books?


Woooow. Brave soul.

Let me be frank with you. You can’t just ask someone like me this question. You need to brace yourself for an ocean of book titles, fangirl outbursts, rants on plot twists and deaths, complaints on book hangovers…

Unless I’m in the middle of a book hangover and can’t get my mind off of it. Then, you’re safe, because no other books come to mind. Which is the case for me right now. Soooo, I’ll be nice! I won’t torture you this morning. I’ll just make a short list of the books I’ve read and LOVED:

  1. A Time To Die by Nadine Brandes
  2. The Frontier Lady by Judith Pella (the rest of the trilogy is JUST AS GOOD AS THE FIRST BOOK.)
  3. From the Dark to the Dawn by Alicia Willis
  4. Samara’s Peril by Jaye L. Knight
  5. The Restorer by Sharon Hinck

Do TV shows and movies influence your writing?

Well, I’ve never thought about this, but I suppose there are a few. Like, Braveheart, or the Gladiator, or Anne of Green Gables. Those are the only ones that I can think of from the top of my head… I’m sure there are more. I just don’t keep track. ^_^

Do you enter writing contests?

I’ve thought about entering in a couple, but I rarely do write a story on time. I can’t write my best under a time limit. :/ I’ve recently signed up for Willowy Whisper’s short story contest, but hers doesn’t have a deadline, so that works for me.

Do you like writing your blog or a story better?

Oh, well that all depends on my mood. I love to talk, and that sometimes leaks into my writing. If I’m in a talkative, hyper mood, than blogging comes easier-so I enjoy it more. But when I’m emotional or I just feel more solemn, that’s when I like writing stories- most of the time my stories are sad, haha!

So, what’d you think? Thanks for reading, have a wonderful-tabulous day!



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