One Emotion


Havilah loved the warmth of the room; it was such a contrast to the chilly gusts outside. Birth was sweet in so many ways.

She wiped away perspiration from her brow with her elbow, allowing herself of luxury of a breath. “Good job, Merri. Keep breathing…” she encouraged. Jumping up enthusiastically, she lowered herself near Marjorie’s stiffened body as her womb contracted.

“Ah!” Her mouth grew wide; her eyes were pinched together in pain, a very exaggerated wince. Havilah kept her tone low, but continued to soothe her with calming words. “Alright, alright, one more, then you can push, okay?” A bubble of giddiness couldn’t help but break a smile across Havilah’s face. She loved this part of labor.

Another chug of stifled energy exerted from Merri, and she pushed. A yelp slipped from her lips. Havilah stayed down, watching for the babe. She checked the momma, and noted her pink cheeks and flushed lips. Her black hair was roughly pulled back into a knot, but the front strays clung to the beads of sweat that glistened off her panicked face.

Almost as fast as Havilah could thrust her arms to catch the baby, black hair sprouted from the passage, followed by a swelling pink form. Her hands expertly caught the infant, stabilizing the neck under all the hair, and she looked down and smiled. A boy!

Before wiping off the little body, she attentively helped him get breaths of air. Handing him to his mother, Havilah broke her gaze from the babe’s handsome face, and watched with anticipation Merri’s expression. Arms reaching out, the young mother smiled at her child, grasping his pink body possessively. Havilah observed the smile that bejeweled Merri’s mouth, her face aglow with tears and sweat. “My son,” she whispered quietly. “I’m a mother of a beautiful baby boy!” More tears landed weakly on her cheek, joy twinkled sprightly in her eyes. She looked at Havilah and laughed. A gentle yet absolutely jubilant sound, like a trickling note plucked from a lute.

Havilah quickly got herself up to retrieve the father waiting outside the door. Before twisting the knob, she looked back at the mother and child. Merri’s expression was transfixed. Only one emotion swam within her eyes.


Wiping her hands on her apron, satisfied, Havilah continued out the door.

Thanks for reading! This is a little thingamabob I found in one of my old notebooks from a couple years ago. As I was typing it out, I was seeing plenty of things I’d like to change now, but still decided to post it as is. It’s a love/hate relationship between me and my old writings. ;P

Jazzy xoxo


5 thoughts on “One Emotion

  1. Haha I agree – it’s always a love-hate relationship with older stuff! Part of you is like ‘oh wow, I was brilliant’ and part is like ‘I’m more brilliant now and I could improve this’. Great piece though 🙂

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