r a p u n z e l


Ivory moonlight melts through the window curtains. It licks my face, tasting all my freckles. I’m not tired tonight. I wonder why?

I normally feel this way- antsy and worried- when Candace comes to visit me with monthly provisions. I grunt. I’ve always dreaded the visits, even when they were my only chance to human interaction.

I sit up, hiding my face in the shadows. A sigh slips from my lips, braking the silence that shrouds the room. I twist the curls of my auburn tresses into a tight braid that runs the length of my back. Slipping from my warm covers, I let my legs fall off the bed and hit the cold stone floor. My feet begin trotting across my room, my eyes, the dewy color of young budding leaves, travel the walls and the ceiling. Oh no- there it is!

Right in the middle of my ceiling hangs the monsterous gargoyle. It’s stony eyes carving fear into my heart. Etched into it’s side was in intricate design of swirls and arrows. Black shiny stones embellish the edges of the figure. The teeth gnaw out at me, it’s sneer gripping me. It always appears right there when…

A cold hand lands upon my right shoulder. I didn’t care to find who it is. I already know who it is. A quick rush of anger courses up and down my spine. I look around my little room. The window. Yes, that would serve a worthy escape vent.

“Clancy.” The single word is spoken in an airy singsong voice. Behind me hovered the most egregious woman on the face of Brunuak.

“What?” I spat curtly. I wanted so badly to turn around and snap fire, but I knew the consequences. I bit down, keeping my rebellious tongue in check.

“Oh, you’re not mad at me, are you? I hope it’s not for long. I have an… errand for you.” she taps her long talon-like nails against the wall. A chuckle tickles the trepidation crawling up my spine.

I scoff, mockingly throwing my head back. “So, you have another job for your little  imp? What is it this time? Kill another Brukuanian soldier? Rob a nearby shop of its goods?” I narrowed my pupils on the window, ignoring the glare she was settling on me. “No. I’m done with the blood. I’m done with the stealing. I hate this. I hate committing crimes. I can’t. I just… can’t. Not anymore.” I frown up at her, but from my perch, I’m looking right up her hairy hook nose. I cringe in disgust.

A smug smile tugs on the corners of her lips. Wild humor teases her pale-red irises. Then, withing a heartbeat, her smile vanishes and all hints of jocularity vacate her demeanor. “Remember our talk,” she whispers coldly into my ear. Deliberately, she stalks out of my room, leaving an ominous sensation in the air.

I shiver as the stone door seals shut, battling the tears that threaten my pride.

Again I am in the dark, alone.

Again the window gapes sadly at me.

Thanks for reading! This was just another thingamabob I did acouple years ago, left untouched from the original- as painful as it may be. 😉 I was planning to expand, but decided to leave it unfinished.

If you enjoyed it, please like and leave a comment, any feedback is more than welcome! Thanks!

Jazzy xoxo


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