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(disclaimer: I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for my review… bless you, Tricia!!!)

HELLO PEOPLES . . . So much has been happening these past few weeks, I apologize for not posting in what seems like FOREVER. But do not fret. I’ll probably (maybe? hopefully?) have more time in the coming weeks to spend more time on the blog. I have SO much to write about, just not any time to actually write it. Y’know my struggles.

So as you saw in the title, this post will be a Book Review/Launch for Tricia Mingerink’s latest book from her series The Blades of Acktar.


English fails me when I think about the book in all it’s awesmazingness. #sorrynotsorry

Where to begin? I can’t breath.


Can something broken ever heal?

Martyn is broken. After torturing his best friend, he doesn’t belong anywhere in Acktar. No matter how far he runs, he can’t lose his guilt.

Leith is broken. While healing from the torture he received at Nalgar Castle, he struggles to find his new role. But can a Blade ever run from his past?

The country is broken. Bitterness divides town against town, neighbor against neighbor.

What will it take to deliver Acktar from itself?

They face their hardest battle yet.


// the amazing author 


Tricia Mingerink is a twenty-something, book-loving, horse-riding country girl. 

She lives in Michigan with her family and their pack of pets.

 When she isn’t writing, she can be found pursuing backwoods adventures across the country.

You can connect with her on 

// the somewhat mediocre review

CAN I JUST SAY WOAH. That’s pretty much the only word that really explains the book in a nutshell. I cannot tell you how many times I squealed while reading this. It. Just. Ah. But I mustn’t spoil it for you, and it’s driving me INSANE because I want you to know how I feel so we can just squeal together. Bother!

Deliver is the fourth and final book in Tricia Mingerink’s Blades of Acktar. *cries as realization sinks in that it’s over* While the other three books were more focused on Renna, Brandi, and Leith, this book actually features Martyn Hamish, Leith’s oldest friend, and we get to see the story from his POV starting from the end of book three… and that was aMazINg. Like seriously guys, Martyn is my precious nugget.

Ever since they had joined the Blades, Martyn and Leith have always been friends that are more like brothers. But after all the events of the first three books, there is a barrier between them. Leith’s faith is a bother to Martyn’s carefree personality, so following impulse, Martyn runs the opposite direction searching for answers to questions that no one can answer. There was so much war going on inside him, so many insecurities that Tricia definitely described and portrayed impeccably. I loved getting to know Martyn better. His past crushes my heart *cries* and makes me want to just wrap him up in a snuggy and make him my burrito and protect from the rest of the world.

The plot was just as amazing as the rest of the books. Or course, I expected nothing less… but this was extraordinarily fantablous. I loved the message of God’s forgiveness and His hope and redemption, and all the emotions are overcoming my brain. They were intertwined and portrayed so wonderfully, I definitely cried more than once while reading. My heart was a galloping horse one moment, then a shattered piece of glass the next. Aaaaaand I really can’t say too much or I’ll be giving everything away, which is SO HARD BECAUSE DUDE. Duuuuuuuuuuude.

As for the characters, can I just say how much they have my heart? Seriously. How can a cast be SO FLIPPIN’ PERFECT?!?! I love them and each one of them is my cinnamon roll and how they slay my life and slay in general and I love them all so much my heart hurts and aches and ASDJFKSLFJ. Yep (more on them in a follow-up post!).

I very seriously adore this book. Like, there are the books I love… and then there are the books like this one.; they haunt my heart for years and years and the pain of how much I love them never lessens. It’s a wonderful feeling, it really is. One of my favorite things about this series is that it’s not only a good story with heartwarming/breaking characters and events, but it is also spiritually sound with plenty of references to scripture. I love how each of the characters grow in the Lord, and it’s not pictured as, “God’s on my side now, buh-bye problems!” No, they still struggle. But it’s different because in their weakness, they see God be strong for them. It. Is. Beautiful. I definitely experienced a growth in my relationship with Christ as I went through all of these books! Such an amazing series with amazing messages.

My only cautions will be for the violence. I’m totally not sensitive when it comes to blood, war, etc. but there were a few parts that I wouldn’t exactly let my 8 year-old brother read. Tricia is pretty detailed when it comes to wounds, and I know some people are particular when it comes to that kind of stuff. My other warning would be that YOU WILL DIE FROM AWESOMENESS (wow that was so cheesy). But that’s it! Words really do no justice to how amazing and perfect and AMAZING this book really is… how amazing this entire series is!

In conclusion, just go read the book and become a blubbering blob of happiness and sorrow. It’s life changing.

P.S. Tricia Mingerink is hosting a Facebook party, and YOU’RE invited!! Click the link to get all the info and attend and stuff. It’ll be so much FUN!


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