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Should I be worried about the face that despite all the review I’ve done, I still have a hard time deciding how I format my posts? I’m good at this *thumbs up*

can we just appreciate the inner beauty of this book???
Please, have patience with me. Today has been a super long day, and I’m not even close to finishing what I need to get done for school yet (#priorities); just wanted to get this review written because of a deadline that I totally forgot about (how could I forget idek, you wanna tell me, fam?). I had apparently signed up for the book tour for this book on Revell Books, but that totally left my mind (way to go, Jazzy. You and your goldfish memory…), and HERE I AM, half awake but still ready to present to you this book review.

Fingers crossed, hope you enjoy 🙂

(advanced apology for anything that doesn’t make sense… just think: 12am post (and not the romantic, poetic type. No, I don’t even know how this will turn out tbh. Just. Please be understanding. Love y’all!)

Oooooooo! I can gaze adoringly at this cover for days… oh, how it plucks my heart strings *plucks strings*

It was the summer of storms and strays and strangers. The summer that lightning struck the big oak tree in the front yard. The summer his mother died in a tragic accident. As he recalls the tumultuous events that launched a surprising journey, Samuel can still hardly believe it all happened. 

After his mother’s death, twelve-year-old Samuel Chambers would do anything to turn back time. Prompted by three strange carnival fortune-tellers and the surfacing of his mysterious and reclusive neighbor, Samuel begins his search for the Tree of Life–the only thing that could possibly bring his mother back. His quest to defeat death entangles him and his best friend Abra in an ancient conflict and forces Samuel to grapple with an unwelcome question: could it be possible that death is a gift? 

I’m planning on this being a short review (hah let’s see that happen, at least once) because 1) me is the tired and 2) I STILL HAVE A STUPID 1,000 WORD PAPER I HAVE TO WRITE FOR ENGLISH AND IT’S DUE ON SUNDAY AND I HAVE BARELY STARTED IT (let’s just hope my teacher and my mom don’t read this post) (I just realized how many parentheses I’m using in this post (and how hard it was to spell parentheses)). I’m sorry you’re seeing my true colors, you guys. They’re ugly.. and weird. But you don’t want to read about colors, you want to read a review because who likes to listen to rambling? (for someone who rambles a lot, I actually get annoyed when people ramble on and on and on and on… I really need to shut up, by the stars!)

OKAY. REVIEW. BOOK. RIGHT. (I’m already losing it, someone HALP ME)

my review – 5 stars

Honestly, why can’t all books be 5 stars? Why can’t I just enjoy every book I pick up and be satisfied in the end? Why can’t all books be as magical and creepy as this one? sOMEOne eXPlain PLeasE *breaks down in tears* *realizes that I don’t actually ever cry* *realizes that I probably don’t cry because #heartless* *feels sad at that realization and doesn’t even want to type that I pretended to break down in tears again* *remembers what I was doing* *stares blankly at screen (but not really because I’m actually typing this out hahah!)* *realizes how stupid I am being* *wishes I never started a blog and just decided to be Pippy Longstockings forever*

I just don’t even want to talk about what just happened up there. Like… no. Let’s just move on.

(YES I AM AWARE THAT THIS POST IS LACKING GIFS… I AM DEEPLY SORRY, BUT TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE (is that a phrase or did my 12am mind just imagine that it was a phrase? idek) SO I APOLOGIZE FOR THE INCONVENIENCE)

Okay, let’s just begin with my reaction 20 pages in:

Me: WOW. This is… beautiful.

Me 10 minutes later: WOW. This is so sad.


Long story short, this book is “WOW.” I could have finished quicker had school not deterred my attentions to boring sociology lessons and weird forensic labs. But had it been my choice, I would have finished in a heartbeat. Because then I wouldn’t have to worry about having to stop at a scary part and go to sleep. I don’t get scared all too easily (that’s a straight up lie, wow I’m such a bad person), but this book. This book. It made me look up from its pages to glance around my room. It was that kind of scary. In many ways, it reminded me of Frank Peretti’s “This Present Darkness,” what with the whole demon and angel elements. It was very cool how the author incorporated Biblical with mythical so tastefully, and I appreciate his courage to brave such ground with so much skill.

Okay, first impressions noted, let’s talk about the other fun stuff.

Our main character, Sam, is grieving the death of his mother; however, he’s convinced it’s all his fault and wants to fix things and make things go back to how they were before the accident. The entire book revolves around his quest to bring his mom back. Complete with ups and downs, good guys and bad guys, friends and enemies, and lots of scary things, this book is totally deserving of 172 chocolate bar. I would love to reread it again eventually (once I finish that paper that I’m still thinking about…….).

Even if the main topic revolved around death, the book did not promote the taking of one’s life in order to inherit this wonderful thing called death, thankfully. Instead, it portrayed it in a way that said, Everything that is has a particular purpose, including death. I think it was beautifully portrayed with masterful words and colors and descriptions and AGH. Just beautiful. 

Another thing that I really loved, was the the Good and Evil shown in the characters. Sam struggled with his own demons and therefore was constantly conflicted with this darkness inside his heart; whereas Abra was like a shining light that scared away that evil. Same with Mr. Tennin (bless this man, shall we) and Mr. Jinn (I CANNOT EVEN TYPE HIS NAME WITHOUT CRINGING AND WANTING TO HIT SOMETHING); they were a clear portrayal of righteousness and wickedness. There was a lot of cool Biblical stuff kind of weaved into the story and each of the characters, but that will take time to fully uncover (time that I don’t really have, I’d like to add). Kind of spoiler??? don’t really know if this would be considered a spoiler or not, but I’m just gonna say it is: (it’s in white btw) Honestly, I was slightly wondering why there was no sound salvation that happened in the book, like I was honestly waiting for this big moment (you know those moments) where Sam comes to the Lord….. but it never happened??? And God really wasn’t someone that was really all too present– I mean obviously He was because angels and creation, but then not really. It was kind of weird, but I mean. The story is still good, because we kind of see those things without the story actually telling us what happens (kind of like a “show don’t tell” thing), but idk. idek where I was going with this.

One last thing I’d like to mention, is the character development. Y’all know this is HUGE for me. And y’know what? THIS BOOK HAD IT. *yes!!!* Well, not like a clean arch from beginning to end, but a satisfying arch that left me greatly fulfilled, yet greatly wondering. But not wondering in a bad way, wondering in a curious way like, “say, I wonder what happens next… *decides to read the next books*” You know the kind. It was like that! And I’m so happy now!! Because I really did enjoy this book. 🙂

I hope this totally unfit review hasn’t discouraged you from reading this amazing masterpiece of magical, mythical, and beautiful words and uhhh paper *scratches head* y’know what, it’s at the end of the review anyways, who even cares???


*hugs* good bye my loyal friends, till next time! (pray for me… the time has come that I must tackle that English paper and not to mention other home work!)

PS. sorry I haven’t been responding to all the comments… i’ll try to asap! x)


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